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Information for individuals and organizations

The First World Congress for Existential Therapy is over, and the Second World Congress will take place in Buenos Aires in 2019. Proposals were also received for a third world congress in China (from Mark Wang) or in Russia.

The World Confederation for Existential Therapy was inaugurated at the first world congress at a  special meeting of 40 delegates, chaired by Emmy van Deurzen, Alfried Laengle, Paul McGinley, Kirk Schneider, and Digby Tantam.

The following goals of the new Confederation were proposed, seconded, and voted for unanimously:

1. to propose a merger with other world networks of existential therapists, including the International Collaborative of Existential Counsellors and Psychotherapists

2. to foster communication between existential therapists throughout the world

3. to lobby for existential therapy within Universities and within third party providers of psychotherapy and coaching

4. to establish a means of funding these initiatives

The new Confederation will setting out its Articles of Association and its mission statement soon.  Whilst this is happening this page will carry news and information about both the Confederation and the next congress.

A working party of delegates was elected to take these aims forward, and their names follow:

Elisabeth Serrander, Allison Strasser, Sarah Kass, Irina Ryazanova, Jak Icos, Gideon Menda, Monika Ulrichova, David Palmquist, Alex Harisiadis, Gianfranco Buffardi, Mark Yang, Natasha Synessios, Derrick Klaassen

A journal working party was also formed, whose members are:

Bo Bohanske, Sarah Kass, Dmitri Leontiev, David Palmquist, Jacqueline Aug, and Rochelle Chapman